The first simple steps to get you started?

Growing fruit and vegetables isn’t all that different from other types of gardening. However, it’s much easier than the other types of gardening and there is less room for mistakes. It appears to be like an overwhelming task at first, but once you take the simple steps and get started it becomes apparent there’s more to this.

Growing your own produce is all about consistency once you start, there isn’t hours of work needing to be done every day, but attention and frequency is key. Turning your attention to the garden and conditions throughout the growing season is essential. If the vegetable plants are neglected for just a short period of time for example when the plants go dry, they aren’t watered or they aren’t fertilised, they may perish well before harvest time. But there are few more balancing and rewarding ways to spend an hour or two a week than growing even a little of your own food.

By reading growing guides and following the simple steps in this text will help you enjoy the bounty of a productive vegetable garden each year.